Tourist information

You will discover in Bollène :

Bollène is an ancient city with a rich history that has witnessed the passing of several civilisations. The most well-known is the troglodyte of Barry (one of the most important in French history).

In the old town of Bollène, you can see lovely old doors, several “hôtels particuliers” and charming squares, so typical of Provence.
At the Couvent des Ursulines you will discover rows of arches, huge stairways and an ancient chapel.
From the high-point of the village and the beautiful gardens which surround the Collégiale St Martin, you can admire the view of the Cévennes, la Vallée du Rhône and the old houses.
Between sports, recreation and culture, the Hotel du Lez is the ideal place to discover the Provence with its landscapes and its vineyards, its festivals, its remains, its gastronomy…..