La Drome

Dieulefit : 49 km

Dieulefit is a peaceful large village lying on the banks of a river in a setting of verdant hills. It has been a Potter’s paradise since Gallo-Roman times.

La Garde-Adhémar : 15 km

Perched on a rocky spur overlooking the Rhône valley, and entirely pedestrian, La Garde-Adhémar will delight those who love old buildings, drawing them along its narrow cobbled alleyways. The church of Saint Michel, a marvel of Provençal Romanesque architecture built to provide a panoramic view of the Rhône plain.

Grignan : 25 km

Grignan has a defensive fortress with houses nestling at the bottom, forming a harmonious volume of grey stone with a medieval castle

Montélimar : 30 km

It is well known for the famous local delicacy, the inevitable nougat of Montélimar. the whole of Montélimar’s historic centre is pedestrian, making it very pleasant with its long streets lined with all kinds of shops. To visit : museum of miniatures

Nyons : 35 km

Renowned for its black olives, the small town of Nyons should also be famous for its historical heritage. Its vaulted Romanesque bridge built from grey stone spanning a green river, and its Randonne tower surmounted by a statue of the Virgin Mary, listed as Historic Monuments

Pierrelatte : 13 km

Pierrelatte has preserved a few traces of its past : the medieval Chapelle des Pénitents, the portal of the 16th century Maison Seigneuriale, a gate which was the entrance of the town, through the defensive walls.
Those who prefer animals will no doubt love the crocodile farm. Unique in Europe, « La Ferme aux Crocodiles » is a huge tropical greenhouse of 8000 square meters where you can observe, take pictures or film more than 400 crocodiles belonging to the rarest species and a magnificent group of giant tortoises from the Seychelle islands. You will also appreciate the sound of birds roaming freely, as well as the luxurious exotic vegetation.

Poët Laval : 49 km

On a craggy hill in the Jabron valley, overlooking wooded foothills, stands one of the most beautiful villages in France, Le Poët-Laval. The entire village has remained as it was in medieval times; no cars of course or urban furniture, and not even any roads, just paths and stairways.

Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux : 8 km

Located in a plain of vineyards is known for its imposing cathedral, a magnificent example of Romanesque art. You can admire here and there the Renaissance façades, old store signs faded by time, a few stretches of old stone walls, and roofed fountains.

Suze la Rousse : 7 km

It hosts the famous Université du Vin, the Wine University. The facility, with its laboratories and tasting rooms is unique in Europe, and offers courses in oenology, marketing, and management for the wine industry. You can visit: the chapel Saint-Sébastien, the ancient church, the Grain Hall, the old stone washhouse area, the ampelographic garden