The Ardeche

A paradise for the practice of many outdoor activities such as canoeing, canyoning, hiking and a cultural heritage

Alba la Romaine : 42 km

the antique city of Alba-la-Romaine , its 30 hectares of gallo-roman remains dating from the 4th century BC and its 3,000 seat theatre.

Gorges de l’Ardèche : 19 km

A deep, breathtaking “defile”, with unexpected, impressive viewpoints, unspoilt, peaceful scenery…, the Ardèche Gorges are known far and wide, with its Pont d’Arc!
This series of sinuous canyons is a superb natural, open-air museum, and a paradise for those who love canoeing.
Since 1932, the 20-miles descent of the Gorges, which includes twenty-five rapids, has been a must for all who wish to enjoy the ultimate in thrills in this challenging sport! One can also make the short descent which is 5 miles only!

Caves in Ardèche

For millions of years, cavities have been forming in the limestone masses making up southern Ardèche, which makes this environment a living memory of departmental geography.
The number and variety of these phenomena inscribes the Ardèche as a site or European importance with over 2,500 subterranean cavities listed.
The Chauvet Cave : Discovered on 18 December 1994 in southern Ardèche, the ‘Grotte Chauvet – Pont d’Arc’ cave is the oldest currently known decorated cave in the world. This unique in the world cave is situated on the territory of the commune of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in the Cirque d’Estre, a meander of the River Ardèche abandoned following the formation of the Pont d’Arc natural rock arch.

Orgnac l’Aven : 35 km

Proposed as one of Unesco’s world Heritage Site, this setting holds it own amongst the greatest caves in the world. It is an exceptional series of chambers for the discovery and the conservation of the underground environment.

Saint Marcel d’Ardèche : 19 km

Les nombreux Co-seigneurs ont édifiés des tours et de belles demeures, son clocher caractéristique date du XVème siècle.

Saint Remèze : 35 km

The Madeleine site includes a viewpoint, the house of the reserve, and one of the most beautiful caves in France . A multitude of stalactites, strange, chalk stones; projected light and sound evokes he decor of some fantastic fairy tales.
- The Lavender Museum
- The Saint-Remèze Distillery
- Near the Gorges of the Ardèche, in the heart of lavender fields, enter a magical world of scents and colours. Lavender has always grown on the Plateau des Gras
– Marzal Swallow-Hole and Prehistoric : A unique site in Europe. A magnificent cave with superb light and sound effects. A prehistoric Zoo with animated models and sound effects.
- Llamas Ardèche : Wonder and serenity: a hundred llamas welcome you in the heart of a preserved paradise along the Ardèche Gorges